About Me

Hello there crafty friend!

I’m Mindy – the creator/artist/instructor of My Creative Scoop! My blog and site are specifically for card-makers wanting to enhance their Copic Marker capabilities. I’ll also show you tips on how to create your own coloring style. By having your own style you will stand out in the Coloring World.

This site is just for you if you are…

  • Brand new to Copic Markers. 
  • Struggle with how to blend Copic Markers. 
  • Confused about light source. 
  • Want to learn more detailed coloring. 
  • Learn freehanded backgrounds.

About my Family

  • I was born and raised in Southern California. I was a stay at home mom for 15 years! Until, I went out and got a part time job .. waitressing. Which ended up turning into 2 part time jobs waitressing. I was never home. So I decided to take some online marketing classes and learn how to make a full time income with my hobby.
  • My husband is a Sales Engineer for a surveillance company. We met when I was 15 years old. We have now been together for 25 years. On April 10th, 2021 we sporadically just picked up and ran to Vegas and got married. It was absolutely PERFECT! We often go on trips to Vegas — it’s where I can disconnect from online and where him and I can re-connect without the kids and just focus on each other.
  •  We have 3 kids, Ralphy who is 23, our middle child, Belle, is almost 20,  Katie is my youngest, she’s now 15 and going on 25! When I was pregnant with Katie I was at friends house and saw a Stampin’ Up! catalog and decided I was going to make her birth announcements. Shortly after that I discovered a whole new world *que Aladdin* of the stamping community. I started trying out for design teams and really just fell in love with Copic Markers and Coloring.


There’s no wrong or right way to create art. You find what works for you and when you are happy with it, you’re finished.




Don't you want to grab some Copic Markers and just sit and color?

Have you ever looked up trendy outfits online and then get to the clothing store and you don’t know what type of shirt looks good with high waisted jeans — or what shoes goes with this outfit?

Coloring with Copic Markers can feel just like that!

You’ve tried dozens and dozens of YouTube videos and tutorials. You have scrolled through hours of Pinterest Color Combos. And let’s not talk about all of the paper you’ve wasted because you were not happy with how your image was coming out – so you toss it in the trash!

Imagine sitting to color and grabbing the perfect color combo and blending your Copic Markers effortlessly – which makes Copic Markers so Special. And knowing where to put those shadows and highlights! How awesome would it be to learn how to create your OWN unique style of coloring and stand out amongst the card-making community.

download your free Copic MArker Planner

I’m so happy you have stumbled across my site and onto this page so you can grab my Free Copic Workbook and Guide! This guide will help you; decide what Copic Markers to buy, figure out a Copic budget and create your own coloring style!

Now, if you’re thinking but what if I’m brand new to Copic Markers.

Or what if you still struggle with how to blend Copic Markers or with light source.

Maybe you just want to learn more detailed coloring.

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Oh, and this is Phoebe!

Phoebe is my French Bulldog and she's 2 years old. She always has to be right next to me if I'm at my desk. Every single time I record a class she is either snoring, sniffling because she wants me to hold her on my lap - and yes she has even passed gas while I'm right in the middle of coloring and recording a class! She's pretty entertaining!

Once Upon a Time...

Not too long ago,
well -- about 15 years, I was your bored stay at home mom looking for something to do.

I was a shy stay at home mom and never really socialized much.

Then, I discovered this awesome hobby, Coloring, Card Making and Copic Markers! I watched hours and hours of YouTube videos until I finally broke down and bought my first set of 12 Copic Sketch Markers. It was love at first stroke but I didn’t have a lot of money to invest in these bad boys so I practiced with what I had, slowly building my collection and figuring out how to use them.

I would color for hours and post my cards on my blog (this was before Instagram). Sometimes, I would get comments and emails asking about color combos and how I did this or that. I was even invited to write tutorials for companies and even a few magazines/books. I realized how much I LOVED to teach what I LOVED..

Coloring with Copic Markers

I enjoyed teaching card-makers how to color with Copic Markers so much I started an online coloring classroom!

Plus, I have taught many classes in scrapbook stores all over Southern California and a few other states and even in Puerto Rico! I’ve been teaching Online Copic Classes for 10 years. The feeling of putting a marker in someone’s hand and seeing how proud they are of what they just created is priceless!

My online coloring classes are all about Copic Coloring and learning how to to develop your own style as a crafter and artist. I want to teach you how to stand out in the card-making community and build your confidence so you can create cards and scenes using your Copic Markers!


"I love Mindy's Classes!" “I’ve taken quite a few of Mindy’s classes over the last couple of years and I have improved tremendously with my Copic Coloring. I love how she breaks each image down in smaller chunks so you can do small parts when you have time. Every project I make with her classes turns out amazingly well. I’ve gained so much confidence that I now color images all the time and I’m on a couple of design teams!”

-Kimberly Skinner