Whimsy Stamps - Find the Light Source

Copic Coloring – STOP trying to find the Light Source

So you start to color an image and realize you are a coloring it just like you did when you were little. You’re basically just outlining the image and then coloring the the inside lighter. Then you start to think ok, let me try this again.. where is the light coming from???

Does that sound familiar?

Well, I’m going to tell you right now, you’re not alone. The next thing I’m going to tell you is to STOP trying to find the Light Source! Unless it’s dark or you have a brighter light on one side of the image and you WANT to challenge yourself with that kind of shading, STOP trying to find the Light Source. There’s light everywhere! If you are a beginner Copic user — or colorist it just doesn’t make sense to go through all that light source trouble.

2 Light Source HACKS that will change the way you color!

1. Ask yourself – where do the shadows make sense? Like below you will find a super adorable stamp from Whimsy Stamps – Ellie and Mouse. Now, think take a look at his ears and the size of his head and how it hovers over the entire front of the body. There’s definitely going to be a shadow under the ears and below the head. The legs are directly under his large body so they are going to be shadowed, as well. There will be a slight shadow behind the head blending into the rest of the body.

2. Google! This is my mother’s answer to everything. “Did you google it” Well, what I always do if I’m unsure of a certain color, or shadow I will google whatever type of scene or image I’m coloring and I’ll do a Google Image Search. I will do a few different searches to get some ideas. First, I’ll look at photos — that can still be a little difficult because there are so much detail in photos. So you have to simplify it. So — Elephant Illustrations or Elephant Drawings are less detailed than a photo and you will get tons of ideas from other artists and how and where thy shadow. SUPER EASY – and will help you so much when you shade.

(TIP – sometimes it’s better to put CUTE “Your Scene or Object” pictures so you don’t get graphic ones – lesson learned!)

Here’s my take on coloring Ellie and Mouse Image. I layed down my shadows first using Copics – C7, C6, C4, C3.

Copic Markers - Stop - Trying to find the light source

Then, I blended through coloring the rest of the elephant using C2, C0, C00.

Whimsy Stamps - Find the Light Source

Then I went back and darkened my shadows with C8 and C10 then, blended out repeating the previous 2 photo coloring steps.

Copic Markers - Find the Light Source - Whimsy Stamps

Copic Marker List:

  • Ellie and Mouse – C00, C0, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8, C10
  • Grass – YG91, YG93, YG95, YG97, C8
  • Umbrella and Mouse Ear and Flowers – YG91, YG95, R30, R32
  • Sky – B12, B00, B000, BG0000
  • I always use my favorite Copic Friendly Paper – Cryogen White Cardstock 

Whimsy Stamps - Find the Light Source

Whimsy Stamps -Find the Light Source

Pin the Image below so you can always fin your way back t this page!

Stop - Trying tp Find the Light Source - Copic Mqrkers

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