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Learn how to confidently color using Copic Markers in ... My Creative Scoop's Coloring Club

Do you want to learn how to color with Copic Markers?  
Overwhelmed and not sure where to start and what colors to blend?  
My monthly membership, Coloring Club will be perfect for you!

The Coloring Club is a membership + a community filled with Coloring Courses, Copic Technique Videos, Crafty Blogger and Tech courses to help you grow your own following and learn to stand out in the coloring world!

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Is the Coloring Club Membership right for you?

 Sometimes don’t you just want to sit and color, whether it’s for fun or trying to master a technique…  

Maybe you don’t necessarily want to create a card right then… or feel like your coloring isn’t good enough to be on a card…  

You don’t want all the pressure of creating an entire scene… or maybe freehand illustrating is intimidating…  

For years I have been teaching online and in person Copic Coloring Classes. So many of my students want the gratification of completing a card, scene or background. But there are also many students who just want to learn techniques and to improve their coloring.  

Have you even taken a course to learn how to create a card, but then struggle to come up with a card or coloring a scene or image on your own?

Or maybe full classes just overwhelms you?  

My Copic Coloring Club Membership might just be what you need!

Coloring Digi Stamps

Coloring courses with exclusive digi stamps only found in the Coloring Club. There's also a variety of digi stamps available - not all have coloring courses.

Illustration Based Courses

Learn how to illustrate freehand backgrounds! Even if you can't draw. My step by step process will give you the confidence to do so!

Critique Challenges

The member's first challenge will completely transform your coloring & specifically focusing on the areas you want to work on!

Hi I'm Mindy & this is Phoebe!

The Coloring Club is more than a Copic Markers course. In other words it’s is a community, where you interact with members and get feedback, access to courses, exclusive digis and workbooks, and loads of inspiration!

In addition to advice, tips, courses on blogging, photoshop, other techy type tutorials and workbooks.

 All… without the social media algorithms, news and drama.

As crafters we tend to use our social medias to ask questions, find inspiration and evidently I find my feed saturated with negativity from the news and politics.

So, if you are looking to improve your Copic Coloring without the social media distractions –
the Coloring Club might be just what you need!

Ready to Join the Copic Coloring Club?

Pay Monthly or Annually
Cancel Anytime!

• Coloring Courses of all Levels
• Technique Video Tutorials
• Exclusive Practice Worksheets + Workbooks
• Exclusive Digi Stamps
• Access to Coloring Club Community
• Access to the Coloring Class Vault with 20+ Copic courses)
• Interactive Critique Challenges (Member’s First Challenge)
• BONUS Crafty Blogger Course
• BONUS Photoshop + Canva Tutorials

Have a question about the membership?

Whether you are brand spankin’ new to Copic Markers or have been coloring for years, the Copic Coloring Club will enhance your Coloring and Illustration skills without the overwhelming feeling of finishing a course. There will be weekly videos, practicing a variety different techniques, using exclusive digi stamps, worksheets and guidance on freehand illustrations. The Copic Coloing Club is about improving coloring, gaining more confidence in a supportive creative community.

Once you Join you will have access to all of the current content and any new content released, as long as you are a member of the Copic Coloring Club.

An active paid membership gives you access to all the content. But, if you cancel your membership, you will no longer have access to the content. If you were to cancel and return at a later date, you would be subject to pay the current cost of membership. Monthly membership plan: If you are paying for a month to month membership you can cancel at any time, and you will not be billed for any or the following month(s). However, a cancellation will not refund the previous month’s fees as the membership content has already been delivered to you. Annual Membership plan: If you have an annual membership, you have 15 days from the purchase date to cancel. No refund is available after this cancellation period.

The Copic Coloring Club is more of a community and a place where I can teach and focus in certain areas to help you improve your coloring and illustrations over time. The membership is not like my online coloring courses where I show you the images and scenes and generally work from start to finish.
However, In the Copic Coloring Club we might color an exclusive digi over a 2 week period then work on different trees or backgrounds. The content in the membership will only be available to you as long as you remain a member. If you have joined any courses you will always have access to those courses and videos. Also, If you have joined any of my Copic Courses, the membership will further enhance your skills and will improve your coloring and teach you how to create your own style.

Here's what you get when you sign up!

This membership is going to teach you how to blend your Copic Markers without the frustration.
 My simple coloring strategy will help you learn to control the ink on the paper.
 I’ll teach you to become a confident artist and card-maker no matter what your struggles – I’ll show you how to overcome those obstacles by making small adjustments to your coloring!  
Plus, All my classes are always in real time and never sped up or done in a time-lapse.   


In Addition, As a bonus you will have access
to the The Crafty Blogger and Tech Crafty Courses and Tutorials!

• Why do you want to blog – what do you want to get from it?
• Decide on your Niche
• Choose a name, colors, logo and brand style.
• Decide on a blogging platform.
• Choose a wordpress theme and widgets and plugins.
• Map your blog layout and posting categories and pages.
• Figure out a posting schedule.
• Match your Social Media profiles to your blog.
• Set up your Pinterest.
• Make a list of design team or collaboration goals.
• Decide on ways to monetize your blog.
• Start an email list.
• Plus Photoshop and Canva Tutorials

Have more questions about the membership?

You can substitute color combos for whatever you have. For example if you have B91, 93, and 95 for blue and I’m using B12, B14 and B18 for the water.. use what you have. There are also videos, sharing the easiest way to replace a color combo. You can always email me and or leave a comment in the membership for my help and get suggestions from the Copic Coloring Club Community.

The membership is going to help you more if you are using Copics. The technique is a little different if you’re using another alcohol marker with a bullet nib as opposed to the Copic which has a super brush nib. However, you will learn from the class still, light source, depth perception and more. However, I do not have a lot of different coloring mediums — so telling you which colors to use will be difficult. So, I suggest if I’m asking for blue for water and I’m using 4 different shades of blue, just use whatever blue color combo that coordinates that you have. The membership will also allow you access to free exclusive digis, help with blogging, and taking photos (and editing them) of your art work.

Unfortunately, no. I’m sorry. I’ve had an issue with class re-distribution and I put a lot of effort into my classes. However, you will have access to all of the membership’s content for as long as you remain a member.

You will be billed automatically on the same day you sign up (either monthly or annually).

No, as long as you remain a member of the Copic Coloring Club you will pay the same price. However, if you cancel and re-enroll at a later date you will enroll with the Memberships price of enrollment at that time.


You’ll have access to all of the content in the membership area, as long as you remain an active member.


You can access the membership content on a computer, phone or tablet as long as they have internet access.


You will learn many different blending and Copic Marker techniques. New Content will be uploaded each week.


The Coloring Club Community will be be extremely beneficial so you can get others opinions, ideas and confidence.


Download exclusive digi stamps offered in the course and videos on how to color them, along with worksheets.


You will also get tutorials on photography, editing your photos, creating an art blog and growing your art Social Media.


Access to Mindy for advice on art work, color combos, constructive criticism and advice on fixing mistakes.


The Member's First Challenges will completely transform your coloring, specifically focusing on the areas you want to work on.


25% discount available to members on past Copic Marker Coloring Courses and access to all Seasonal courses!


When I was teaching in person classes, I’d often get students coming up to me after the class saying that they didn’t like how their hair came out, or there wasn’t enough depth in the shadows.

 With their permission, obviously, I would show them on their image and give suggestions to what to do differently. Eventually, my students would surround me so they can all learn how to fix an image or get the result they struggled to achieve.  

So, I’ll color on your image and show you how to get the look you want, so despite the frustration while coloring, particularly adding those specific steps to their Copic coloring, so you know how to get the look you want..  

This is so benefiting to all members seeing the different variations of the same image!  

There will be a New Exclusive Digi Stamp for each challenge!



"Loving my membership! What’s not to love. There are coloring courses, challenges, techniques, tech classes, digis, and so much more. It’s also a community of copic loving, coloring enthusiasts and Mindy is a wonderful teacher who creates a fun learning experience."

-Lynn Krahn
"There’s so much to learn in the Membership 😍 This is such a comprehensive website membership program containing not just coloring classes but also “tech” and blogging classes, tutorials in Photoshop… the list is practically endless! We also have fun challenges and forums where you can be social if you want to. PHENOMENAL 👏🏻💕"
-Cyndi Garland
"I’m soooo excited about this club!!! I love all talent I’m seeing, all the awesome support, and ideas for when you are unsure about how to make things look better. Thank you Mindy for starting this and I can’t wait to see what comes next… ❤️❤️❤️"

-Sara Herzog

Ever wonder how to get on design teams?

I’ve been on more design teams – I can’t even remember them all…

  • Learn how to confidently contact companies
  • Know what to say in an email or message
  • How to plan out your schedule
  • Learn how to engage with companies
  • Project Planning guide and checklist 
  • Learn how to take better photos of your crafts


You've already invested in the Copics, now it's time to invest in...


Ready to Join the Copic Coloring Club?



Per Month

  • Technique Video Tutorials
  •  Exclusive Practice and Color Combo Worksheets 
  • Exclusive Digi Stamps   Coloring Workbooks 
  • Coloring Courses of all Levels
  • Access to Coloring Club Community
  • 25% Discount to all Online Coloring Courses
  • Interactive Critique Challenges (Member’s First Challenge) 



Per Month or Pay Annually

  • Everything in the Premium Membership Level
  • PLUS...
  • BONUS Crafty Blogger Course
  • BONUS Photoshop + Canva Tutorials
  • How to get on Design Teams Course
  • Monthly and Annual Payment Options Available
  • Affiliate Program (coming soon)