Flicking Technique using Copic Markers - Tammy Tutterow Designs Stamps and Dies

Flicking Technique using Copic Markers

Do you have trouble Blending using the Flicking Technique?I still get quite a few emails on my readers and students having a hard time blending. So I wanted to break down the Flicking Technique using Copic Markers — step by step.

I’m using my favorite Copic Marker Friendly Paper, Copic Xpress it Blending Card. You can check out my Copic Must Haves for more about what products to buy. In the step by step photo tutorial below I’m going to be using the following colors but you can use any other Copic Marker color combo and follow along.

RV14, RV13, RV10, V09, V06, V05, R32, R35, R37

So here’s the break down of Flicking.. By using the tip of your brush and laying down the marker and then flicking where your marker touches the paper last is going to be a lot lighter then when you first put your marker to the paper. This leaves the lighter part much easier to blend with the next color. The little gaps between your flicks will also help blend the next lighter color.  Check out the step by step photos below.

If you’re anything like me and can practice all sorts of different gradients and then have pages of these little color blocks and don’t know what to do with them — then this next step is perfect for you!

Take a stamp and coordinating die, like this set, Posie Parts Stamp and Die Set, from Tammy Tutterow by Spellbinders — I think a flower or some type of object would work best. Once you stamp your stamp and die cut it out and pop those little colorful babies right on a card! SUPER CUTE. Plus, you wont feel like your practicing is just a waste of that Copic Paper. 🙂

This super cute Happy Gram Stamp is also from Tammy Tutterow and her line of Stamps and her quotes are seriously so much fun to color. I enjoy coloring these stamps  so much and making those words pop off the cardstock!

Checkout Tammy Tutterow’s Blog to see more designs by the team and Tammy!

Flicking Technique using Copic Markers - Tammy Tutterow Designs Stamps and Dies

I hope you enjoyed this post and you are inspired to practice your flicking and use those scraps to create beautiful cards!

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Flicking Technique using Copic Markers - Tammy Tutterow Designs Stamps and Dies

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