Are you missing Copic Colors? Try this Simple Nib to Nib Technique

Are you missing Copic Colors?

It can be so frustrating trying to blend when one shade is too light and the other is too dark.

I have a simple effective trick to show you.

Try the Nib to Nib Technique

Have you ever started coloring an image and get a harsh line in between the 2 shades?

In this post I’m going show you how to get a better blend between YR15, which is a yellow-ish orange color and YR20 which is a peach color.

I have purposely chosen 2 different colors / shades to show you how you can blend colors that are missing that middle color or maybe they are from a different color family/combo.

Which is usually the case if you have purchased one of the large Copic Marker kits.

… and also the reason  why I do not recommend buying the larger kits.

So if you have bought a kit or a bunch of random Copic Markers, this post is REALLY going to help you!

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