What Copic Markers You Should Buy First

What Copic Markers You Should Buy First

Today we are talking about What Copic Markers You Should Buy First and I’m using the new Hello Bluebird Country Road Background Stamp with the Hello Bluebird Next Door Gnome Stamps. This is a fairly large scene and if you’re just starting with Copics or wanting to start with Copics this can be intimidating to start but I’m going to give you a list and suggestions to make shopping for Copics easier and affordable.

Although I’m using a few different shades of browns and pinks on this card — I didn’t really have to. I ended up using a few different browns because I already had the gnomes colored before I colored the background.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is, “What do I like to color?” For me it’s people critters and backgrounds. I’m not into coloring a whole lot of flowers and that’s because coloring a flower is very repetitive since you’re coloring petals and leaves over and over. So, if you like coloring flowers you don’t need as many of the browns.

My Favorite Color Combos For Starting Out

Skin – E000, E00, E11, E13

Peaches/Reds – R30, R32, R35, R37, R39

Blues – B000, B00, B12, B14

Blue Greens – BG10, BG11, BG13, BG18

Blue Violet – BV000, BV00, BV02, BV04

Brown – E30, E31, E33, E35, E37

Green – G20, G21, G24, G28

Pink – R00, R81, R83, R85

Yellow – Y000, Y11, Y13

Orange – YR000, YR00, YR12, YR14

Gray/Black – N0, N1, N3, N5, N7, N9

In reality these are the only colors you would need — of course you want them all but you could get many different looks and shades with just the ones listed here. You don’t have to buy them all to begin with either but I do recommend getting the colors right next to each other for blending purposes.

I know there’s tons of tutorials and classes online and you will feel like you need to get those colors in order to do those tutorials, but you don’t. Let’s say someone is using B00, B12, B14 for sky or water but you have your B30’s — just use your blues it’s the same thing it’s just a different shade. When you are able to you can always get more colors later, but I think this is the less discouraging way of coloring. I’ve been using Copics for almost 15 years and still do not have them all — I feel like I don’t need them.

Here’s the color combos I’ve used in my card below.

What Copic Markers You Should Buy First

Copic color combos used on my card

House – R000, R30, W00, W1, W3, YR0000, E30

Tree trunk – E30, E31, E33, E35, E37

Leaves and grass – YG11, G20, G21, G24

Dirt path – E30, E31, E33, W1

Butterflies – E40, E41, E42, BG10, BG11, BG13, YR12, YR20, YR00

Sky -B000, V0000, R000, YR0000

Mushroom – R000, R30, R32, E40, E41, E42, E43

Boy gnome – E000, E00, E11, E13, R30, BG10, BG11, BG13, N0, N1, N3, N5, E43,

Girl gnome – E000, E00, E11, E13, R30, R32, E44, E43, E42, N0, N1, N3

Flowers in the Grass – RV13, RV11, V12, V01

What Copic Markers You Should Buy First

I love to create my own backgrounds if you are familiar with my cards but these new Hello Bluebird Background stamps are perfect if you are intimidated by the freehand coloring. Check out my post on Overcoming your Fear of Coloring Backgrounds or large stamped areas.

If you want to challenge yourself to create backgrounds on your own then check out my Online Coloring Classes.

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What Copic Markers You Should Buy First

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What Copic Markers You Should Buy First